Frequently Asked Questions

  • Be where your clients are Voice Technology and Virtual Assistants are the next big wave of the future. Devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home are revolutionizing the way we interact with our gadgets. With more and more people adopting virtual assistants and using them on a daily basis, you will be there when they reach out to you.

  • Stay on top of your game In 2016, there were only 5 million Amazon Echos sold. Within 1 year, this number has ballooned to more than 25 million. We are here to enable you to take advantage of this exciting new way of interacting with our devices.

  • Putting you on Speed Dial Agents spend a lot of money trying to acquire new leads. But we all know that the best new business comes from word of mouth referrals from old clients. When your clients download our Alexa app using your personalized link, they are permanently tied to you. This means that you get all their Home Buying, Selling and Home Valuation inquiries right in your inbox. With future updates, you will be able to broadcast personal messages to your clients Echo devices. When you keep in touch with your clients, they will always think of you for their Real Estate needs. Plus, they are more likely to recommend you to their friends.

  • My Alexa When you sign up with us, you get a personalized link that you can share in your email signatures and all your social media sites. Anybody who sees your feed and downloads our app using your link is permanently tied to you. So, you will get all their real estate inquiries forever! Even when they make inquiries out of the region you service.

  • Local Search (Launching soon) Not everybody is always looking for a house all the time, but we want users on our platform to hear about you. So, we are about to release a local search feature to expand our reach to our customer base. Most Agents already have their own preferred vendors/contractor lists. All you need to do is enter them into Agent NEO. So, when a user says "Alexa suggest me someone to change my faucets" or "Alexa, find someone who can clean my windows", Alexa will start referring contractors to them from your preferred contractor list. And it will also brand the message saying "Information provided by your local Real Estate Agent John Doe"

  • We currently offer a Starter plan for $19.99 /month.

  • If you are affiliated with a Broker or Realty group, we can partner with your Organization to offer you highly discounted rates. Please tell your Organization admin to contact us at

  • We do not charge per lead or any part of your Commission.

  • Send us an email to check for any current promotions that you can take advantage of.

  • Our pricing model is fair and transparent. We do not believe in long term contracts, cancellation charges or setup fees. Feel free to use our service and disconnect whenever you want.

  • No, our Alexa app AGENT NEO is for your clients and leads. You get their inquiries in your email and via sms.

  • If you have an Amazon Echo and just want to try out our app as a user, you can always sign up as a lead by clicking your My Alexa link

  • Share, share, share Voice platform is still very new but is experiencing unprecedented growth. We need your help to get the word out. Share your personalized My Alexa link on all your social media sites, email signatures etc.

  • Update your profile Just sign up with us and update your profile. That is it. Inquiries will come to your via email/SMS.

  • Add your preferred contractors Not every person is always looking for a house. But we want them to hear about you and keep you in mind when they are in need. We allow users to search for trusted local contractors like plumbers, electricians etc. And the search results come from your own preferred contractor list. Your name is also announced to the user every single time.

  • Give it time Voice technology is experiencing unprecedented growth. A new study suggests that in 5 years, half of US households will have a Virtual/Voice Assistant. But it is still very new, so new leads will depend on the area you live in. Meanwhile, use Agent NEO as your personal Alexa app and give it out to your existing lead and clients. We are busy building tons of Relationship Management features into our platform, so the more clients have Agent NEO, the better your reach will be when we launch these new features.


Why we exist?

With over 25 million Amazon Echo devices sold in a year, Voice Technology is the next big wave of the future. We are here to position you to take advantage of this exciting new way of interacting with our gadgets.

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