Edwin J. Ricketts

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Edwin J. Ricketts

Buyer's Agent – 25 Years in Real Estate

  • Arizona
  • 602-478-0832

Areas Served

Phoenix Mesa Glendale Scottsdale Tempe


Buyer's Agent


 Ed Ricketts is a licensed Real Estate Designated Broker in eight (8) jurisdictions: Arizona, Alberta, Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, California, Utah and Washington. Since 1991 Ed has served as the Deputy Commissioner of Real Estate, a real estate broker, confidential consultant, educator and expert witness in civil litigation.

 When you hire Ed as your agent, you get three people rolled into one: an accomplished real estate broker, and educator and a regulator.

 Real Estate Broker

 Ed is a longtime broker. In residential resale, he specializes in representing buyers. Do you want an agent who puts your interests first? Who doesn’t hesitate to give you advice and counsel when he believes you need it? Someone who works hard to get you the best deal? Ed holds the CIPS and RSPS special designations. He is presently the designated broker for Guardian Property Services.

 Real Estate Educator

 Ed holds ADRE approval as both a real estate school and instructor. He teaches continuing education, specializing in agency and disclosure law, the 9-hour broker management clinic, the NAR Code of Ethics and the skills instructor development workshop (as well as all other categories).

 Real Estate Regulator

 From 1991 to 1997, Ed was the Deputy Commissioner of Arizona Department of Real Estate, where he made the everyday policy decisions of the Department and directed the administrative prosecution of violators. He refers to himself as a “recovering regulator.”

 Ed brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and unique perspectives to real estate. Ed may be contacted at EdRicketts@cox.net or 602-478-0832.