Byeloth Hermanson

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Byeloth Hermanson

Listing Broker with 11 years of experience, I sell a house a week on average since 2013.

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Vancouver Camas Salmon Creek


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Byeloth Hermanson doesn't necessarily want you to remember that he consistantly ranks in the top 3% of all REALTOR's in Clark County or that he's among the top 2,200 agents int he country, where he's averaged closing a house a week since 2013.  What he wants you to remember is why he has been able to accomplish all this.  "I'm a people person, says Byeloth, when asked about his success.  "I help people the way I'd like to be helped, if I was in their shoes.  That's the real reason I've done so well.  This business is all about relationships rather than transactions.  My main interests are the clients I work with and doing all I can to make them happy.  I have no doubt this is why nearly 90% of my business somes from referrals."

In addition to his people skills, Byeloth simply works hard to continually improve himself.  Over the course of his career, he's invested thousands of dollars on training and attends two advanced seminars each year to learn from the best real estate masters in the world.  "My training has made me a problem solver, a skilled negotiator and a presenter who lays out the real estate journey my clients travel in a way that answers all their questions.  I have learned over the years to finesse the transaction and to utilize my huge network of lenders, contractors and other resources to overcome obstacles that might stop others." One of the biggest challenges Byeloth loves is working with clients who are selling their present house and moving into a new one, where the goal is to close on both houses simultaneously.  According to Byeloth, "These are the challenges I love because I need to use all my skills to keep a family from being squeezed into an expensive hotel while their household goods are costing them money everyday as they sit in storage."  Handling difficult situations like these have earned Byeloth the reputation of a Clark County REATLOR who bends over backwards to ensure the real estate process is as smooth and stress-free for his clients as possible.

When he's not helping other families solve their real estate issues, he's catching a move, hiking or spending time with his family.  Married over 20 years with a son and daughter, Byeloth says his family is the fuel that drives him and is his inspiration to help other families.

If you're looking for a real estate agent who will with you tirelessly to make your real estate desires come true, call or text Byeloth at 360-521-7729.